Tadahiro Yamaki




Born: 5th Jul 1975
Disciplines: Big Mountain Skiing
With Blizzard since: 2016
Web site :


It’s been a decade since Tadahiro Yamaki has begun his career as a professional skier. His recent style is a freeride skiing in the mountains. He is a big-mountain skier. Growing up in Hokkaido, the fundamental part of his skiing technique was obtained during youth. He had started skiing at the age of 3, influenced by his older brother.

And while Hokkaido being one of the places in Japan famous for its cold climate and its population of skiers, he had won a prize within the local competition (Hokkaido Junior Ski Technique Championships) at an early age of 13. At 16, he had joined a ski team, and was chosen as one of an all-Japan reinforcement players (Japanese top athletes who are chosen to compete in tournaments that serve as Olympic qualifiers) in later years. Since then, he had competed in the All Japan Ski Technique Championships for 5 consecutive years.

Then, at the age of 25, Yamaki became a professional skier. His aim was to become an all-around professional skier, who would be able to ski in many different styles.

In 2003, he went on a Greenland expedition. Using nothing but man power, he had amazingly reached Greenland by a canoe. And while there, he had also successfully skied down the mountains yet untrodden by others. In the following year of 2004, he went on an expedition to Indian Himalaya, with an Indian-made motorcycle ROYAL ENFIELD 500cc, loaded with skis and luggage of approximately 170kg in weigh, and had spent 23days of an adventurous skiing trip.

And his accomplishments were also impressive in 2006, as he had skied down Pisco Peak(5,475m) in the South American Andes, and climbed the southwest face of Alpamayo Peak(5,947m) with success. From the year 2010, his main sponsor had become the Peak Performance. As the Spyder who had been his sponsor till then, Yamaki’s accomplishments within the past recent years seems to have caught the eyes of the people at Peak Performance.

And within the year of 2010, Yamaki had increased his number of accomplishments with his expedition to Bolivia. He had skied down the Huayna Potosi East Fas(6,088m) in the mountain range of Cordillera Real, and had skied down the slopes as steep as 70degrees in angle from the stunning peaks of the Pequeno Alpamayo(5,370m) in the South American Andes.

Along with countless accomplishments that Yamaki has made, there is an obvious reason to why he has been chosen to be on the covers of many magazines and videos. While the act of skiing that is involved within his adventures and expeditions is aggressive, to the point where he could be called an “extreme skier”, his skiing style is one that is “beautiful with elegance”. One could say that there is a sense of nobleness in his skiing.

Thus, it is not a surprise to see that his appearances in the media and his numerous adventures throughout the past decade of his career as a professional skier, has been praised by many.

Looking back through the decade, Yamaki talked about his future goal:

“Realistically speaking, the population of skiers is decreasing. So I would like to serve as a bridge in between skiing and people. By becoming a bridge, I want to spread-out the fun of skiing to those who are in relation to the world of skiing, and to all of the others who aren’t. I would also like to let all skiers know how more wonderful and exciting it is to ski in nature, rather than just within a ski resort. And I am hoping that I would be able to achieve this goal, not by my own self alone, but by working together with everyone.”

Yamaki had accomplished a lot during the last decade, such as climbing up and skiing down many treacherous big mountains graciously and skiing off of many great peaks within his countless risky expeditions. And yet, he goes-on for more.

While a decade is a long time, hearing him speak of his future goal with such a great passion in his voice made it seem as if Yamaki’s career as a professional skier has just started. There is no doubt that Yamaki’s love for skiing will never cease.