Marcus Caston



List Career Highlights:
2016 Outside Magazine 2 page spread in Exposure- January/February
2016 Aka Skidor Cover- February
2016 Powder Magazine full page photo annual- January
2016 Utah Adventure Journal cover- Winter
2015 Skiing Magazine full page photo annual- December
2015 Ski Magazine 1/4 page- December
2015 Powder Magazine cover- Gear Guide
2015 Mountain collective full Page- Annual
2015 Mountain Magazine cover- Early Winter
2015 Snoworld Magazine cover- Annual 
2015 Ski Magazine 1/2 page- October
2015 Skiing Magazine feature article with 4 photos- September
2015 Skiing/Ski Magazine Warren Miller poster ad- September
2015 Mountain Magazine 2 page spread gallery- Winter 2015
2015 Backcountry Magazine 1/2 page photo- February
2015 Powder Magazine 2 page spread introduction - February
2015 Powder Magazine 2 page spread shooting gallery- February
2015 Powder Magazine 2 page spread photo annual- January
2015 The Ski Journal half page photo- Issue 3
2015 Backcountry Magazine photo annual, full page – December
2015 Powder Magazine full page shooting gallery- December
2015 Powder Magazine full page ad AK Rendezvous- December
2015 SKI Magazine full page photo- November
2015 Aka Skidor Cover - October
2015 Ski Magazine 2 page spread and article “Clinic”- October
2015 Powder Magazine feature article 3 double page spreads September
2015 Skiing Magazine 2 page spread, half page- October photo annual

2016 Warren Miller Featured Athlete in #67 - Kicking Horse Segment
2015 Warren Miller featured Athlete in Chasing Shadows- Alaska Segment/ Utah Segment
2012 Warren Miller featured athlete in Flow State- Opening Alaska Segment


Nation and Home Resort:   USA,  Snowbird/Alta

How long have you been on Blizzard Tecnica: 5 years

Hobbies outside of skiing: Climbing, Hiking, Photography

Favorite Ski Spot: Alaska

Instagram  @marcuscaston

Facebook Athlete

Twitter  @marcuscaston


Why do you ski on Blizzard Tecnica? I was attracted by the skis, then we started making the best boot in the world, then I learned that everybody that works for Blizzard Tecnica loves skiing as much as I do.  I came for the gear and stayed for the family.   Great people make great products, thats a rule. 

What makes skiing so special to you? From people to nature, skiing brings me closer to the world around me.  Skiing is the way I best know how to engage, plus it's just damn fun. 

Best memory of skiing (why is it the best)?  I can't even tell you how many times I have thought that "this is the best moment of my life."  Its impossible to pick one.  Standing on my first big line in Alaska, standing on a peak in Svalbard during the day I graduated college, standing in the gate about the forerun the Birds Of Prey World Cup Downhill.  I guess I do a lot of standing?  I don't think there is anything more exciting that looking down on something you get to ski.