Jaclyn Paaso



Career Highlights:
2016 FWT - 2nd Overall
2016 Verbier Xtremes - 1st
2016 FWT Andorra - 1st
2014 FWT Chamonix - 1st
2014 FWT Verbier Xtremes - 3rd
2013 FWT Kirkwood- 1st
2012 FWT Chamonix -1st
2010 FWT Squaw Valley- 1st


Nation and Home Resort: USA, Åre, Sweden
How long have you been on Blizzard Tecnica: Since 2014
Hobbies outside of skiing: Mountain biking and exploring outdoors as much as possible.
Favorite Ski Spot: Hmm, I’ve had fun at so many locations it’s hard to pick just one.
Facebook- Jackie Paaso / Instagram- @jackiepaaso / Twitter- @jackiepaaso
Why do you ski on Blizzard Tecnica? I honestly feel they are the best! When I made the change skiing became even more fun than before. The gear does what I want it to do!
What makes skiing so special to you? I fell in love with skiing from the start and over the years things change but my passion for skiing has only grown stronger. I’ve been skiing since I was 4 and I’m still learning every day and I love that.
Best memory of skiing (why is it the best)? I can’t really just pick one. I think the whole ride to where I am today is the best. The entire story with all the ups and downs, from the very first day I tried and so on.