Connery Lundin



Overall Champion - Freeskiing World Tour 2015

1st Place - Freeskiing World Tour Telluride 2015
3rd Place - Freeskiing World Tour Telluride 2010
4th Place - Freeskiing World Tour Revelstoke 2011

Sickbird Award - Freeskiing World Tour Snowbird 2015
Young Gun Award - Freeskiing World Tour Crested Butte 2010

Matchstick Productions - 2016 “Ruin and Rose"
Powder Magazine/KGB Productions - 2016 Upcoming Movie


Nation and Home Resort: Squaw Valley, USA.

How long have you been on Blizzard Tecnica: 5 years, holy cow!

Hobbies outside of skiing: Cliff jumping, soccer, photography, video editing and adventuring.

Favorite Ski Spot: Enchanted Forrest off KT-22.


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Why do you ski on Blizzard Tecnica? I ski on Blizzard Tecnica because the skis and boots perfectly compliment my style of skiing. Between my strong ski racing background, my love for powder and my constant need to jump and flip off things… Blizzard Tecnica continues to produce skis and boots that maximize fun in all of my favorite aspects of skiing.

What makes skiing so special to you? Skiing is so special because there’s no right or wrong way to get down the mountain. Sure there might be a faster or easier way to the bottom, but in the end it’s all about having fun. Skiing is most special to me when I'm out skiing powder with friends, pushing myself to try new things and ultimately empowering others to do thing they didn’t think was possible.

Best memory of skiing (why is it the best)? Winning the 2015 Freeskiing World Tour in Telluride is undoubtedly my best skiing memory. Years of hard work, sacrifices, injuries and everything in between went into winning that day. Crossing that finish line to the stoke of 100+ of my best friends is a feeling I will never forget.