Over 45 Magazine Covers,

7 year Competitive Freeride career

12 Skiers Journey episodes

Alaska filming "All I Can" with the Sherpas

Survived multiple ski expeditions around the world

Just simply still doing what I love!


Nation and Home Resort:

Whistler / Blackcomb


How long have you been on Blizzard Tecnica:

Entering Year One!!


Hobbies outside of skiing:

Photograpny, Surfing, Climbing, Biking, Running, Yoga,  little bits of everything!


Favorite Ski Spot:

La Grave, France

Instagram @chadleysayers


Why do you ski on Blizzard Tecnica?

Because I know its the best gear out there, and the brand structure and quality of the gear suits my passion and style of skiing/climbing


What makes skiing so special to you?

Skiing has been my gift, my truth, my expression, my passion, my job, my life in so many more ways. It`s the freedom and joy of being in the mountains that keeps me longing for more of whatever lies ahead.... 


Best memory of skiing (why is it the best)?

Climbing steep and deep inside Baffin Islands couliors, Sailing the northern Fjords of Norway, Exploring the Zagros mountain in Iran, Soul skiing in La Grave`s sacred tubes, ski touring in the wild remote landscapes on Patagonia, Simply wondering the wild west coast of British Columbia....the adventures will never end.