Cod. 8B501400001

Blizzard's precut skins are tailored specifically for our entire Freeride Touring line. No longer do you have to cut skins for these uphill/downhill hybrid skis on your own. We’ve done the cutting and specifications for you, which mean these will fit each Zero G ski perfectly. Adding to the precise fit, each Zero G ski utilizes unique Pomoca technologies that create perfect skin-to-ski and skin-to-snow stick, and solid tip and tail fixations. Blizzard's precut skins combine with Blizzard's Zero G skis to make the lightest ski and skin package on the market.

Pomoca Tech
Velvet: Unique Pomoca Formula
Glue: Standard Pomoca Glue
Tip Fixation:Universal steel wire
Tail Fixation:Universal Tail Clip

Pre-cut to fit sizes: 178 - 185cm Zero G 95