Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Blizzard skis made?
The Blizzard factory is located in Mittersill, Austria about 15 minutes from Kitzbuehel. The Mittersill facility is the international headquarters for Blizzard Sport GmbH and employs all of the product development, marketing, and production personnel. All Blizzard products are designed and produced in Mittersill.

When was Blizzard founded?
Blizzard produced its first ski in 1945.

Who is Blizzard Sport USA?
Blizzard Sport USA is the new distributor of Blizzard ski products in the USA. We are located in West Lebanon, New Hampshire.

Is Blizzard partnered with anyone else in the industry?
Blizzard is currently a stand-alone ski brand however; we have recently become part of the Tecnica family. In October of 2006 The Tecnica Group, a worldwide leader in winter sports equipment, acquired Blizzard Sport GmbH, The Tecnica Group owns the following brands: Tecnica, Blizzard, Nordica, Rollerblade, Lowa, Nitro, T-Shoes, Dolomite, Think Pink, and Moon Boots, and X Socks.

Where can I purchase Blizzard Skis?
There are Authorized Blizzard Retailers all over the United States. To find the authorized Blizzard dealer in your area, please enter your zip code in the Dealer Locator on the Dealer Locator page.

Can I order directly from this site?
Absolutely! You will see that there is a "Buy Now" button next to each product on the product detail page. The great thing about this "Buy Now" button is that the order is placed through Shopatron, which is a system that keeps all our local retailers involved in the sale.

Are Blizzard retailers authorized to sell online?
Yes, some of them are. However, if you choose to make an online purchase of Blizzard skis, please make certain that the seller is an Authorized Blizzard Retailer in the USA.

Where can I demo Blizzard Skis?
Most Authorized Blizzard Retailers have demos available. In addition, there are many demo events across the country throughout the winter season. Please visit your local Authorized Blizzard Retailer for demo information.

What do I do if I think I have a warranty problem?
Blizzard Sport USA products are warranted for one year after the date of purchase against defective workmanship and materials when used for the purpose intended, under normal conditions, and providing they receive proper care. Merchandise covered under this warranty must be returned to an authorized Blizzard Dealer (with proof of purchase date) who will then send it to Blizzard (transportation prepaid by customer). Blizzard will inspect returned merchandise for evidence of misuse and will determine whether repair, replacement, or adjustment is due. Blizzard will return merchandise prepaid. Learn more about our warranty policy.

How do I choose the proper ski size?
We recommend sizing skis with the "use your head" method. The key to this rule is simplicity. For type 1 (novice) skier, size the skis with the tip approximately chin height. For type 2 (intermediate), use approximately nose height. Type 3 (expert) skiers will be sized correctly when the ski tip is at forehead height. For the best sizing, ask your local Authorized Blizzard Retailer.

How can I get an answer to a question not listed on this page?
You can send an email inquiry to